Enterprise Culture

Quality Products, Customers First


An enterprising company that upholds the spirits of being "Positive, Optimistic, Integrity and Dedication" and stand firm in our business philosophy of "Quality Products and Customers First" providing customers with quality products through continuous innovation

Educational  Training

We focus on cultivating of talents through regular staff training, offering all employees ways to improve their skills and develop their untapped potential. By providing a comfortable working environment, we progress together as a company

Company  Activities

Leoco organizes various team-building activities on a regular basis to forge a stronger bond and understanding among all members, improving team cohesiveness and inter-department cooperation

Employee  Benefits

Leoco organizes staff outing annually to encourage employees to walk in nature, relax and enjoy the beauty of life. The company also provides comprehensive welfare benefits to improve the employees quality of life
Reserve Cadre Training Camp  Riding  The Tug-of-war 
Annual Sports Meeting
Group Tourism 
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