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Leoco (Suzhou) Precise Industry Co., Ltd. Introduced X-ray Inspection System

Publish Date: 2019/01/18

At the beginning of the new year, Leoco (Suzhou) Precise Industry Co., Ltd. introduced X-ray inspection system (Nordson DAGE XD7500VR Jade FP), which is the first time that our company introduced such system equipment. At present, the equipment has been prepared by suppliers in the Test Center of Leoco, and user training has been implemented at the same time.

The equipment can provide high-definition and high-precise real-time images without destroying the product, which makes our company have the ability of non-destructive flaw inspection for the first time. Inspectors and technicians can use the equipment to detect the internal defects of products more efficiently, accurately and conveniently, such as bubbles, voids, cracks, deformation, and so on. Real-time measurement and analysis can be carried out at the same time. From then on, products become transparent, and production quality control will be more effective.

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