Quality Assurance Job Function

Producing a product correctly, the first time


Quality Assurance

  1. Certify and maintain ISO9001, 14001,TS16949 systems.
  2. Execute customers’ survey or audit; follow through improvement action and feedback message.
  3. Audit and manage vendors’ quality system.
  4. Establish  ISO/TS internal and external audit plan;execute and follow through improvementcorrective action.
  5. Build and maintain SIP.
  6. Safety  product  certification.
  7. Deal with Customers’ complain issueS.

Environment control

  1. Maintain environmental safety system; ensure the products produced by LEOCO are non-hazardous substances and meet the requirements of RoHS  and REACH.
  2. Collect environmental regulations as well as corresponding requirements from customers; update LEOCO standards timely to satisfy the demands mentioned above.
  3. Communicate our environmental requirements to suppliers in time; substantiate suppliers internal product inspection and impel suppliers to provide results that meet  HSF standards.
  4. Audit environmental system for both leoco internal and suppliers regularly.

Quality Control

  1. In-coming inspection (raw material)
  2. Suppliers quality management
  3. Audit suppliers by quality system
  4. Final quality inspection.
  5. In-Process quality inspection.
  6. Out-going quality inspection.


  1. Calibrate and maintain Equipments and gauges.
  2. Verify and provide the reliability test of the products from suppliers.
  3. Execute the reliability test of current products in Leoco.
  4. Test the performances of new products and provide data that benefits their improvements.
  5. Improve integrated level according to ISO/IEC 17025.
  6. Verify Rohs & Reach.
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