Quality Certification

A major strength and conformity to international standards

Leoco SZ

ISO 90012008 SZ

ISO 9001: 00115Q26025R2M/3200

ISO 140012004  SZ

ISO 14001: 00115E21685R2M/3200

ISOIEC 170252005 DG

ISO 17025: CNAS L5711


IATF 16949: IATF 0284522

ISO13485 2016 EN


Leoco DG

ISO 90012008 DG

ISO 9001:20001728 QM08

ISO 140012004 DG

ISO14001: EA110128

OHSAS 180012007 DG

OHSAS 18001:00915S10551R1N

Leoco Indonesia

ISO90012008 Indonesia

ISO 9001:6532/A/0001/UK/En Issue No.6

ISO140012004 Indonesia

ISO 14001:6532/B/0001/UK/En Issue No.6

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